Set up Luna Display on a Mac

Luna Display extends your Mac’s screen to an iPad or Mac Computer, turning your Apple Device into an external display for your primary Mac. This guide will walk you through our installation process.

Primary Mac computers will use either a Thunderbolt Compatible USB-C or Mini-Display Port Luna Device.

For help deciding which Luna is right for your set up please check out our article on Choosing your Luna Display Type

Setting Up Your Luna Display

Connect both the primary and secondary devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

If the devices are using different networks, they will not be able to find each other. You may connect via Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet or Thunderbolt connection.

Download and Install the Luna Display app on your primary computer.

Install the Luna Display app on your primary computer from our website:

Launch the Luna Display app and follow the on-screen instructions and plug in your Luna Display device when prompted:

During the Luna Display set up you will be asked to Enable Screen Recording. This MacOS System preference gives Luna Display access to your screen and allows Luna Display to extend your monitor.

**Please note: Your information is not shared or stored by Astropad and Luna Display does not record or save the contents of your screen.**
You will be asked to Install and open the Luna Secondary app on your Secondary device. Download the Luna Secondary app on your iPad or macOS secondary device at


Connect your Secondary Device via WiFi or wired connection:

  • If you are using an iPad as your secondary screen: you can connect via WiFi or USB
  • If using a Mac computer as your secondary screen: you can connect via WiFi, Ethernet, or Thunderbolt

    For more detailed information about using wired connections, check out the Using USB, Ethernet, or Thunderbolt connections with Luna DisplayIf prompted, allow permission for your secondary device to connect

Once this is done, your setup is complete and your Luna Display should automatically connect!

If you need to make changes to Luna you can use the Luna Display Settings window to change the arrangement of your display and adjust settings!

If you have any questions or are having trouble with setup, please check out our Luna Self Help Wizard or contact us

We hope that you enjoy Luna Display!

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