Public Mode

What is Public Mode?

Public mode is a feature in Luna Display for users who commonly work in an environment where multiple people are using the application. This is a great feature to use in a public environment such as at work, coffee shops, hotels, etc. 

With Public Mode enabled Luna Display will no longer automatically connect to the first computer it finds on the network. Instead, you must either connect via Wi-Fi Manual Connect, USB in Computer-to-iPad mode, USB in Mac-to-Mac mode (requires macOS 10.15 or later, or with an Ethernet or Thunderbolt connection in Computer-to-Mac mode. Once you connect via Wi-Fi Manual Connect, the information is stored on the device and will automatically connect in the next session.

How to enable Public Mode

Because this is not a default feature, you must manually enable Public Mode in the Luna Preferences Menu. 

Luna Primary App

In your Primary device's top menu bar, click Luna Display > Preferences > Connectivity tab. Select "Public" under Wi-Fi Connection Mode.


On the Primary Luna Application's Menu box, select "Connection Options" and scroll down to click on "Public" under the Environment section. 

Luna iPad App

Tap the Connection Options section in the top left corner of the Luna iPad app. Change the selection to Public.

Luna Secondary Mac App

In the top left corner of the Luna Secondary App, click Luna Secondary > Preferences. Select "Public" under Wi-Fi Connection Mode.

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