Exclusive Fullscreen Mode

What is Exclusive Fullscreen Mode?

Exclusive Fullscreen Mode is a new feature available for the macOS Luna Secondary App 5.1 or newer and allows you to disable multi-tasking gestures and keyboard commands like command+tab, app switching with gestures, and more when using your secondary screen's keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

  • With Exclusive Fullscreen Mode enabled: Your secondary keyboard and mouse will not allow you to switch between Luna Display and other apps on your secondary computer's desktop. Enabling Exclusive Fullscreen Mode is great if you only need the secondary mac to act as an additional screen and you do not need to access the files and programs on your secondary computer when Luna is in use. 
  • With Exclusive Fullscreen Mode disabled: Your secondary keyboard and mouse can switch between Luna Display and other apps using command+tab and use gestures like 3 finger trackpad swipes to get to your secondary computer's desktop. Disabling Exclusive Fullscreen mode is great if you need to regularly switch between using your secondary computer as a display and accessing the files and programs that are on your secondary computer when using Luna.

You can access the Exclusive Fullscreen Mode options by doing the following:


Make sure the Luna Display primary app is closed on your main computer, then open the Luna Secondary app on the Mac you will be using as a second screen.

With the Luna Secondary app open on your Mac navigate to the Preferences tab by clicking the Luna Display drop-down menu on the top left of the screen and select Preferences.

Enable or Disable Exclusive Full Screen Mode by clicking the check box.


Restart the Luna Secondary app for the changes to take effect.


To toggle to the secondary device's macOS, simultaneously press the  command+tab keys on the secondary keyboard for the change to take effect. You will now have access to the secondary's macOS system. 

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