How to Reset Pen Calibration in Astropad Studio for Windows

If you notice the cursor on your iPad drifting away from your pen tip after an update or new installation of Astropad Studio, the issue can typically be fixed with a quick setting toggle in the Studio preferences and an adjustment to your zoom settings.

Toggling High Resolution Input

Click on " " to open the Astropad Studio Preferences.
Click on the Advanced tab and then click on the checkbox next to High Resolution Input to toggle it off.
Restart the Astropad Studio apps.
Once the apps have been rebooted and your pen calibration has been fixed, High-Resolution Input can be toggled back on if your device supports it.

Adjusting Zoom Level

Another potential workaround for this issue is adjusting how zoomed in your view is in Astropad Studio. You can do this by pressing and holding the red and black ring button and then tapping the 100% that comes up at the top of the screen. Once your zoom is reset to 100%, try drawing again to see if your cursor's position under the Apple Pencil is corrected.

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