Pencil & Stroke

Stroke Lab

In Astropad Studio, drawing and stroke quality is customizable to your preferences in Pencil & Stroke sidebar.

You can access Stroke Lab for further Pencil pressure settings and enhance your overall drawing experience. Follow along to get to know the settings available in this sidebar.

Line Preview Color

Here you can change the color of your Preview Line; as well turning it off by selecting “None”. Choose between Astro-red, Black, Cyan, Green, and Magenta.

Stroke Preview Length

Change the length of the Preview Line. Choose between short or long trailing length.

Or select “Custom” to adjust for a more specific length.

Mac Cursor 

By default your cursor is visible when drawing, but if you would like to hide it as you draw, select “Hide cursor when drawing”.

Pressure Curve

Set the pressure curve in Astropad Studio for use with your Mac programs. Choose between Soft and Hard pressure, or select Custom to adjust pen pressure.

Tap Custom in the sidebar, to edit and adjust a fully customizable pressure curve. Move the red line in different directions to adjust the pressure curve. Tap anywhere on the red line, and white circles are added. The white circles are points that help make more precise arrangements along the curve. They can be moved by dragging them individually with a finger or Apple Pencil. Remove any circle points by tapping on them individually.

Test your strokes by drawing with varying pressure in your workspace. While drawing, check the sidebar to see a preview of where your applied pressure is on the curve.

Pressure Smoothing

Choose between enabling or disable Pressure Smoothing.

Or select “Custom…” set between a more Raw or Smooth setting.

Reset to default

Want to change your setting for different use? You can always reset a setting to default at the very bottom of the sidebar.

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