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What is a Pressure Curve?

Pressure curves compensate for how hard or softly you press down when drawing with your Apple Pencil. Choose between Soft and Hard pressure or select Custom to design your own pen pressure.

  • Soft Pressure Curves - The sensitivity escalates quickly, requiring less pressure to create a variance between stroke width and to reach full opacity.
  • Hard Pressure Curves - The sensitivity escalates slowly, requiring more pressure to create a variance between stroke width and to reach full opacity.

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Creating a Custom Pressure Curve

Tap Custom in the sidebar to edit and adjust a pressure curve. Move the red line in different directions to adjust the pressure curve. Tap anywhere on the red line to add a white circle. The white circles are points that help make more precise arrangements along the curve. They can be moved by dragging them individually with a finger or Apple Pencil. Remove a circle point by tapping it.

Test your strokes by drawing with varying pressure in your workspace. While drawing, check the sidebar to see a preview of where your applied pressure is on the curve.

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Pressure Smoothing

Pressure smoothing helps you adjust to the digital experience by adding a layer of ‘friction’ to your brush strokes and creating smoother movements as if you were drawing with pen and paper.

By default, pressure smoothing is set to Enabled to provide a base level of smoothing that works across all desktop programs.

With the Custom setting, you can increase or decrease the smoothing based on how much help you want smoothing your lines.

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