How do I use Luna Display with Astropad?

Using Luna Display together with Astropad

Astropad used together with Luna, allows the iPad to become both a second display and a pressure sensitive drawing tablet.

What you will need:

  • Luna Display hardware plugged directly in the Mac port
  • Astropad’s Mac app and iPad app running*

*Requirements are the same for both Astropad Standard and Astropad Studio

To run Astropad with Luna hardware together, there is no need for the Luna apps. -- 

  • Turn on both Astropad's iPad and Mac apps, then plug in your Luna Display hardware. 
  • It will automatically start up; and along with your iPad showing as a second screen, Luna Display settings menu will pop-up onscreen in Astropad.

What about Luna Display's apps? When will they be needed if I use Astropad?

Luna Display apps will need to be used during firmware updates for the Luna hardware.

How can I choose which app automatically opens with Luna Display?

In Astropad's Preferences, select the Luna Display tab. Under "When inserting Luna automatically open" click the dropdown menu and select between Luna Display or Astropad apps, or alternatively choose to disable any apps from automatically opening.

What if I want to switch back to Astropad's mirroring?

Select Move & Zoom in Astropad's sidebar. With Luna Display plugged in, a screen switching option is available at the very bottom of the screen. This allows you to toggle between Luna Display, and mirroring your Mac screen or any additional monitors.

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