Luna Display and Keyboards

Luna Display can be used with multiple types of external keyboards, and you can now utilize a keyboard for both your primary and secondary devices. The configurations that are currently supported are as follows: 

  • A keyboard connected directly to your primary device that can be used to control both devices
  • A keyboard connected directly to your secondary device that can be used to control both devices
  • Two keyboards, one for the primary and one for the secondary, that can be connected and used to control your devices independently of each other

Please note that Luna Display does not have a built-in on-screen keyboard.

Plugging a keyboard into Primary vs. Secondary devices


While keyboards are supported on both devices, we typically recommend that you have a keyboard connected to the primary device. Utilizing a keyboard attached to your primary device will provide you with the most functionality on your devices, but we understand this may not always be the most convenient setup. This functionality includes: 

  • Repeating key strokes when holding down a key on the primary keyboard. This is useful if you often use keys like "Delete" (MacOS) or "Backspace" (Windows). 
  • Minimizing issues that can stem from having two devices that utilize different keyboard layouts due to different operating systems, like a PC-to-Mac setup. If you are using one keyboard for both devices, keeping it attached to the primary will typically provide a more stable experience in this case.
  • Support for non-QWERTY keyboard layouts, such as AZERTY and Colemak. When using a Mac's keyboard,  macOS will still remember your settings, but you may have to switch to your desired keyboard by pressing the language change (the globe on the Smart Keyboard) button until your desired keyboard is selected.
If you encounter issues with your keyboard input even when its connected to your primary device, we recommend verifying whether you have a third-party keyboard app that could be interfering and disabling it while Luna is in use. Apps like these include Karabiner-Elements, Keyboard Maestro, Fluor, etc.


  • When a keyboard is connected to your secondary device, we have added a feature called Exclusive Fullscreen Mode that will allow you to access your secondary Mac's contents using the Cmd+Tab shortcut using your secondary device's keyboard.
  • Support will be limited for key repeats and non-QWERTY keyboards, but otherwise functionality will be similar to using a keyboard connected to your primary device.
Normal macOS shortcuts will not work while using an iPad's keyboard since the shortcut commands are bound to the iPadOS rather than macOS. The shortcuts that will not work in this case are:  CMD + TabCMD + SpacebarCMD + ESC, and  CMD + Q

What keyboards are compatible with Luna Display?

Luna Display is compatible with most keyboards, including Apple's Magic Keyboard. Other bluetooth keyboards should be compatible as well, but we have done our most extensive testing with the keyboards available from Apple. Logitech keyboards are widely used as well, and we recommend Logitech if you do not use an Apple keyboard. 

Some members of the Astropad team really enjoy using the MX Master Series keyboards from Logitech. These keyboards are especially good for users that may require a keyboard for each device, but do not want the extra clutter of having multiple keyboards. This series of keyboards allow you to connect to multiple devices over Bluetooth and switch between these devices through specialized keys included on the keyboard, and we have found that this works when Luna Display is in use.

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