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Have you tried to put both of your devices to sleep, but your secondary Mac fails to fall asleep? Luna Display does not have a sleep function, but you may be able to put your Mac to sleep using the different methods outlined below. 

How to put your Secondary Mac to Sleep

Enable Sleep Mode on your Secondary Mac 

On your secondary Mac, go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Battery or Energy Saver.
If using macOS Monterey 12, go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Battery > Power Adapter.
Next, uncheck the box next to “Prevent your Mac from sleeping automatically when the display is off.” 

Disable Exclusive Fullscreen Mode

Disabling Exclusive Fullscreen Mode allows you to toggle between the OS of your secondary device and the Luna Display applications. Once disabled, it will allow you to switch to the secondary's macOS system to force your secondary device into sleep mode. 


Make sure the Luna Display primary app is closed on your main computer, then open the Luna Secondary app on the Mac you will be using as a second screen.

With the Luna Secondary app open on your Mac, navigate to the Preferences tab by clicking the Luna Display drop-down menu on the top left of the screen and selecting Preferences.
Disable Exclusive Fullscreen Mode by unchecking the check box.

Restart the Luna Secondary app for the changes to take effect.


On your keyboard, simultaneously press the command + tab keys to switch to the secondary's macOS so you can put the device to sleep.

What to do if the Above Steps Did Not Help

Please close out the applications when you know that Luna will not be used for an amount of time.
Our team is currently working to improve sleep/wake functions between devices. We do not have a timeline on when we will be able to provide a solution to those affected, but we appreciate your patience in the meantime!
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