Custom Quick Keys

What are Quick Keys?

Astropad Studio has many great features custom-built for the creative workflow. One of the most important of these features is Quick Keys. These quick keys encompass the major modifiers that the majority of art programs use, such as: 

  • Shift
  • Control
  • Alt/Option
  • Command

The default modifier keys that you see displayed are dependent on whether the primary computer is Mac or Windows since some key labels change between device types.

Astropad Studio's default quick keys

While quick keys have been around since the conception of Astropad Studio, we have expanded on this concept and created customizable quick keys. This provides our users with even more control over their workspace, and just like gestures and shortcuts, they can be customized for each program you use. 

Creating Custom Quick Keys

On top of the default modifier keys that exist in Astropad Studio, you can have up to 7 custom quick keys created for every program used in your workflow. Before creating your quick keys, be sure to take a look at the key combinations your chosen app uses for its shortcuts.

A step-by-step breakdown

1. Open the program you are intending to create quick keys for while in Astropad Studio. In the example below, we will be using Adobe Photoshop CC.

2. Tap on Astropad Studio's ring button to open the Studio Sidebar, then tap on "Workspace."

Astropad Studio's Sidebar

3. Tap on Edit Workspace at the bottom of the Workspace menu in the Astropad Studio Sidebar.

Astropad Studio's Edit Workspace button

4. Tap on the key button with the plus sign "+" in the middle of it to create a new Custom Quick Key. If you are only intending to hide or show the default modifier keys, you can do so by tapping on the minus symbol "-" on the upper left corner of the key. You will also use the minus symbol on your custom keys to hide, show, or edit them. 

Astropad Studio's Workspace editor with quick keys explanations

5. Enter a label for your custom quick key. Then, using the onscreen keyboard, type the keystrokes in the Key Strokes text box for your desired shortcut as if you were utilizing the shortcut in your art program. If you make a mistake in creating the shortcut, tap Clear Keys and try again.

Astropad Studio's quick keys creation window

6. Tap Add in the upper right-hand corner. You will then see your new custom quick key displayed beside the current modifier keys.

New custom quick key with default modifier keys

Common Shortcuts

While every art program will have shortcuts unique to them, there are many shortcuts that are universal throughout apps like Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. However, the keystrokes will vary depending on whether you are on Windows or macOS. We have a few examples of each below:


  • Undo: Ctrl +Z
  • Copy: Ctrl + C
  • Cut: Ctrl +X
  • Paste: Ctrl + V
  • Brush: B
  • Deselect: Ctrl + D


  • Undo: Cmd +Z
  • Copy: Cmd + C
  • Cut: Cmd +X
  • Paste: Cmd + V
  • Brush: B
  • Deselect: Cmd + D
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