Missing Notifications When Using Luna Display on Mac

When using Luna on Mac computers, you may notice that notification sounds aren't playing or notification banners aren't showing up. Since Luna Display is considered a screen recording device, there are a few settings in the macOS that can cause this to happen. This can be resolved by making some changes to your Mac's System Preferences. 

macOS Big Sur or Older

If you are on a version of macOS that is older than Monterey, check to see that "Do Not Disturb" is disabled while using Luna Display. This can impact your ability to see notifications on your primary device. To find this, open up the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Make sure that it is turned off and make sure "When mirroring or to TVs and projectors" is unchecked.

If this doesn't help, it is possible that your device is affected by a widely experienced bug in the macOS. Typically this can be resolved by closing the Notification Center. 

Pull up  Spotlight on your primary Mac (cmd + space bar) and search for the Activity Monitor. This will show you all of the processes and applications currently running on your Mac, even in the background. Find Notification Center in this list of processes, select it, and then click on the X at the top of the window to stop the process. This is another way to turn off Do Not Disturb and can restore your notifications. 

macOS Monterey

If your device is running macOS Monterey, go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Notifications. Select the app you wish to have notifications for and ensure that "Allow Notifications" and "When mirroring or sharing the display" are checked. Complete these steps for any other apps you wish to receive notifications from. fcf11a64af2e30398842bc4f1d731395.png

On devices running Monterey, Do Not Disturb has been moved to a section in the System Preferences called Notifications and Focus. The settings in Focus are typically turned off by default, but we recommend going into these settings and checking that Do Not Disturb is disabled during the time you are using Luna. This can be found by going to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Notifications and Focus > Focus > Toggle Do Not Disturb off. 

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