Streaming Audio and Video to the Secondary Device

Audio and Sound

Luna Display does not stream audio from the primary Mac to the iPad or secondary Mac. Audio will only be played from the speakers of the primary Mac.


Luna Display does not support using the camera on the iPad or secondary Mac. It is only possible to access the camera on the primary Mac when Luna is in use.

Why can't my video be played on my iPad/secondary Mac?

Streaming video may be blocked from playing on your Luna-enabled device due to HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliance issues. This is basically a copyright protection check designed to prevent unauthorized copying of digital video content, which are enforced by some popular streaming apps like Apple TV or Apple Music. While Luna does not record the contents of your screen or save any data during use, Luna still requires Screen Recording permissions to transmit screen images to your secondary device. This may be seen as a potential risk for illegal recording of copyrighted material and will be blocked. If you are unable to stream a video in a browser, try streaming it through a different web browser.

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