Astropad Studio and Capture One

Capture One is great for streamlining your photography work. It offers quality adjustment tools for editing and refining both your photos and workflow. In this quick, step-by-step guide, we’ll help you organize an efficient workspace for using Capture One with Astropad Studio.

Rearranging your Workspace and Tool Panels

In Capture One, you are able to customize the working space columns. Go to Window, then Workspace to select from different preset panel arrangements.

Set the catalog window towards the bottom, like in the Migration Workspace:

Migration Workspace: Tool and adjustment panels to the right, with catalog menu at the bottom.

Or select the catalog menu to the side, such as with the Default Workspace:

Default Workspace: Tool and adjustment panels to the left, with catalog menu at the right.

Rearranging your tool panels

Along with the preset workspace arrangements that keep the tools in a tab column, you can move and rearrange your tool panels. They can be free floating on or around your canvas. Access the tool you want individually by selecting Window, then Create Floating Tool. Or, drag a tool’s panel out of the Tool Tab column. This way your much needed functions can always be present on screen.

Tool panels moved to customized position, at the top middle and bottom right on screen.

Any type of rearranging works with Astropad Studio, since the Workspace Sidebar can be placed to the right of the iPad screen:

Tool column set left, and Astropad Studio’s Workspace sidebar to right

Or to the left of the iPad screen:

Tool column set to the right, and Astropad Studio’s Workspace sidebar to the left

The Workspace Sidebar can be hidden anytime by tapping the on screen red ring button.

Shortcuts in Capture One

Astropad Studio’s shortcuts are preset to default, so you will need to change them to accommodate Capture One. You can fully edit and rename as many shortcuts as you want for the sidebar. To do this, in Astropad Studio’s Workspace Sidebar, towards the bottom tap Edit Shortcuts. Tap Add Shortcuts to enter a new command combination, or tap an existing shortcut on your list to replace or make changes. When you’re done, tap the Workspace button to see all your newly added shortcut commands.

Recommended shortcuts for Astropad’s sidebar:

  • B  :  Draw Mask
  • E  :  Erase Mask
  • M  : Show and Hide Mask
  • G :  Gradient Mask
  • W  : White Balance
  • U : Luma curve point
  • P  :  Loupe
  • Delete : Delete

Suggested Magic Gestures:

  • Hover
  • Eraser
  • Right Mouse Click
  • Shift
  • Undo
  • Redo

Touch panning and zooming gesture

Astropad’s touch gestures, panning and zoom, are supported in Capture One. Using two fingers, pinch to zoom, and place together to pan on your iPad. This way, you won’t need to keep the scrollbars in view when you set up your ideal workspace.

If you are unable to use touch panning

In Capture One’s Preferences, select General, then disable Zoom with scroll wheel.

If you have slow performance when masking

If you are seeing a delay in your stroke while masking, check your Display Mask settings. Especially when working with a large RAW file, if Never Display Mask is enabled it may cause slower performance with mask strokes.

Enjoy using Capture One and have tips of your own? Post a message in our Community Forum!

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