How to customize the Apple Pencil Pro Squeeze Gesture

The introduction of the Apple Pencil Pro has brought with it a few exciting features that we have adapted into Astropad Studio! One of those features is the squeeze gesture, and it is super easy to customize.

Open the Astropad Studio Sidebar

With Astropad Studio launched and connected on your devices and your preferred art program open, tap on the red circle button on your iPad. This will open your sidebar and provide you with several different settings.

Magic Gestures

Getting to the Edit Workspace section of the Astropad Studio sidebar can be done one of two ways:

  1. Below the red Workspace button, tap on Magic Gestures under the Per App Settings section of the sidebar. This will allow you to edit the gestures for your chosen app.

  2. Tap on the red Workspace button at the top of the sidebar settings. At the bottom of the shortcut list that appears, tap Edit Workspace. Within the editing menu, scroll to the bottom and tap Magic Gestures.

Edit the Squeeze Gesture

Scroll to the bottom of the Magic Gestures and tap on the Squeeze Gesture under the Apple Pencil Gestures section.

The Squeeze Gesture is extremely versatile in that it can be used for mouse buttons or shortcuts! The most common use for Squeeze will likely be the Right Mouse Button, but you can tap on Shortcuts to add keystroke-based shortcuts to the squeeze gesture like the Paint Bucket (G).

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