Mouse-like vs Screen Mapping

Slate offers two different ways to navigate your computer screen. 


Mouse-like, or relative positioning, means your iPad acts like a giant trackpad. Your cursor mirrors your Apple Pencil/finger movements regardless of location on the iPad.

In this, your cursor will seamlessly mirror the movements of your Apple Pencil or finger, providing a familiar trackpad experience similar to that of a Mac. Whether you're using your iPad in the corner or center of the screen, the cursor will accurately follow your input, giving you full control and precision.

Screen Mapping

Screen mapping, or absolute positioning, means the entire screen of your iPad scales to map your entire Mac display. The mapping is adjustable, similar to a traditional pen tablet. 

This is particularly useful for illustration purposes, as it allows you to have a seamless and precise drawing experience on your iPad. For example, if you're working in the corner or center of the screen, the cursor on your iPad will accurately follow your input. 

How to switch between screen arrangements 

You can conveniently switch between Mouse-like and Screen Mapping in the Cursor Movement settings in the sidebar of the iPad app.

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