Simulated Hover and Click Pressure Threshold

Slate works with all Apple Pencils. On newer iPad Pro’s, Slate supports hover functionality. On older iPads, Slate uses Simulated Hover.

How Simulated Hover Works 

  • To move the cursor: Lightly drag your Apple Pencil across your iPad screen to move the mouse cursor. 
  • To click: Tap your Apple Pencil to the screen to click.

Adjusting Click Pressure Threshold

Click Pressure Threshold is the scale of how much pressure needs to be applied to the Apple Pencil to switch from simulated hover to a mouse click. 

You can adjust the Click Pressure Threshold between soft and firm pressure. For example, firm pressure means that in order to engage a click with your Apple Pencil, you need to apply firm pressure. Soft pressure means you only need to apply just a little bit of pressure in order to click. 

To adjust the pressure, go into the Slate sidebar and navigate to the Pencil Settings panel. There you'll see a sliding scale to adjust the pressure threshold. Play around with it until you find a pressure threshold that suits your working style. 

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