Gesture Input

Astropad Slate offers a range of touch gestures that provide a Mac-like trackpad experience. With these gestures, you can easily zoom in, scroll through content, and perform right-click actions.

Pinch to zoom in/ out

To zoom in or out, simply pinch or spread your fingers on the screen. This gesture allows you to quickly adjust the level of magnification and focus on specific details.

Two-finger scrolling

You can effortlessly swipe up or down with two fingers to smoothly navigate through documents, web pages, or any other content. This intuitive gesture makes it easy to browse through lengthy documents or scroll through your social media feed with fluidity.

Two-finger tap to right-click

Astropad Slate also supports right-click actions through touch gestures. By using a two-finger tap on the screen, you can access context menus and perform specific actions that are typically associated with a right-click.

How to customize touch gestures

To customize your touch gesture settings, you can do so in the sidebar of the Astropad Slate iPad app. From there, you can adjust the sensitivity and behavior of one-finger and two-finger gestures to suit your preferences and workflow.

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