Astropad Slate vs Astropad Studio

What’s the difference between Astropad Slate and Astropad Studio?

Astropad Slate

Astropad Slate is a free public beta that turns the iPad into a no-screen pen tablet for Mac. Slate maps your iPad input to your Mac desktop, but displays only a blank screen on your iPad.

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Slate is designed to be used as a mouse alternative for your Mac computer, allowing you to control your cursor with Apple Pencil. With Slate, you can use your Apple Pencil to control your Mac's cursor for web browsing, graphic design, annotation, or more! 

  • Compatible with Mac and iPad 
  • Allows you to control your Mac's mouse cursor with your Apple Pencil and handwrite your own messages directly in the app
  • Customize your workflow by adjusting cursor movement, trackpad settings, mouse speed, and more

Connection Options: You can choose how to connect your devices - wirelessly over Wi-Fi or Peer-to-Peer or connect with a USB cable. 

Handwriting and Drawing Input: Use your Apple Pencil to handwrite text into Slate's input box on your iPad and watch as the text is instantly transformed into typed text on your Mac. You can also draw directly into your preferred desktop creative applications on your Mac using the Apple Pencil using the blank screen interface. 

Choose between Mouse Mode or Screen-mapping Mode: Mouse Mode turns your iPad into a trackpad for your Mac cursor with adjustable speeds, while Screen-mapping scales your iPad screen to your Mac display, like a customizable pen tablet.

Touch Gestures: Use one and two-finger touch gestures on your iPad to scroll and zoom on your Mac, just like a trackpad.

Free Public Beta: Sign up for our Slate Free Public Beta to get access to all of these features! 

**Astropad Slate is not integrated with Astropad Studio, so you will need to use both applications separately.** 

Astropad Studio

Astropad Studio is our flagship software that turns the iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac or PC. Studio mirrors your desktop display on your iPad. 

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Studio seamlessly mirrors your Mac or PC to your iPad, giving you complete touch and gesture support to interact with your favorite desktop creative apps.

  • Compatible with both Mac and PC
  • Allows you to display any desktop app on your iPad
  • Create your own shortcut buttons, custom gestures, and quick keys to customize your workflow

Connection Options: You can choose how to connect your devices - wirelessly over Wi-Fi or Peer-to-Peer or connect with a USB cable. Plus, optimize image quality based on your network speed.

Custom Pressure Control: Tailor the pressure settings of your Apple Pencil to suit your unique drawing style, or stick with the default settings offered in the app. 

Custom Gestures: Make your digital art workflow more efficient by customizing gestures for actions like erasing, undo/redo, hovering, and clicking.

Personalized Shortcuts and Quick Keys: Astropad Studio provides unlimited shortcuts that automatically adapt to the desktop app you're using. It even includes an on-screen keyboard for easy typing on your iPad. Quick Keys also allow you to create your own custom shortcuts that appear on-screen and can be used with the press of a button. 

Free Trial: Take advantage of our complimentary 14-day free trial to explore all the features before making a commitment!

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