Setting Up Slate Free Public Beta

Slate is designed to be used as a mouse alternative for your Mac computer, allowing you to control your cursor with Apple Pencil. Whether you want to use your Apple Pencil to control your Mac's cursor for web browsing, graphic design, or annotation - Slate has you covered. 

Slate is still a work in progress, and we need your help to test it. That's why we've released the new Slate Beta. 

Slate Overview

Slate Requirements

Check to see if your devices meet the requirements for Slate Beta: 
System Requirements for Slate

Setting Up Slate Free Public Beta


Sign Up for the Slate Free Public Beta on your Mac:   

Slate app iconSign Up for the Slate Free Public Beta Here

Enter your email address at the link above and check your email. You'll receive a direct link to install the Mac and iPad Slate apps directly to your devices. 


Download the Slate Free Public Beta Mac and iPad companion apps:  

Open the email you received by signing up for the Free Public Beta and click on the corresponding links to install the companion apps to your devices:


Open the Slate Mac and iPad Companion apps

Open the companion apps on your Mac and iPad and follow the setup instructions.


Connect Mac and iPad via Slate Beta

For your devices to communicate with each other, they need to be connected over WiFi, USB cable, or Peer-to-Peer Networking.

*For optimal WiFi performance, we recommend a modern router (802.11ac) in the 5Ghz band.


Configure your cursor settings

Choose between Mouse Mode or Screen-mapping Mode:

Mouse Mode (Relative positioning): Your iPad acts like a giant trackpad, and your cursor moves freely about your Mac display. You can adjust your mouse tracking speed between fast and slow.

Screen-mapping (Absolute positioning): The entire screen of your iPad scales to map your entire Mac display. The mapping area is adjustable, similar to a traditional pen tablet.


Start using Slate

New iPads with Apple Pencil hover: 
  • Move cursor: Move your Apple Pencil over the surface of the iPad.
  • Click: Tap your Apple Pencil on the screen to click.
New iPads without Apple Pencil hover: 
  • Move cursor: Lightly drag your Apple Pencil across your iPad screen to move the mouse cursor. The pressure level is adjustable in the Pencil Settings.
  • Click: Tap your Apple Pencil on the screen to click.

Finally, share beta feedback with our team!

We’ve set up a beta inbox so you can share feedback directly with our Engineering Team. Shoot us an email at with your feedback. We'd love to hear what you think! 

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