Rock Paper Pencil FAQ

Will Rock Paper Pencil be compatible with Darkboard?

Yes! Darkboard was a big reason why we wanted to create a product like Rock Paper Pencil, and they are a perfect match. 

Can the RPP pencil tip be used without the screen protector?

Technically the ball-point pencil tip can be used without our screen protector, however, we do not recommend it. Without the nano-texture of our screen protector, the ball-point pen tip is very slippery against the iPad's glass and can make drawing difficult. 

Can I purchase the pencil tips without the screen protector?

We are not offering the Pencil tips nor the screen protector as individual purchases. We designed them to work together to create the most realistic pen-on-paper experience for iPad. It takes two to tango!

Will I still be able to use the touch screen of my iPad with the screen protector installed?

While the screen protector is textured, the texture will not impede the normal use of your touch screen and functions like your iPad's on-screen keyboard. 

Can I use the Rock Paper Pencil screen protector if I have a case with a raised edge?

While we haven't been able to test every iPad case out there, we have found that our screen protector works with cases that have a raised edge. 

Can I use Rock Paper Pencil simultaneously with another screen protector? 

We do not recommend using the Rock Paper Pencil screen protector on top of another screen protector. Doubling up on screen protectors may inhibit Apple Pencil precision, gesture detection, and screen clarity.

What iPad models are compatible with Rock Paper Pencil?

Rock Paper Pencil is currently compatible with these iPad models:

  • iPad Pro 12.9"
  • iPad Pro 11"
  • iPad Air

Will you be offering more sizes for Rock Paper Pencil?

We’re working on it! If your iPad model is not currently offered, please let us know what kind of iPad you have. We hope to offer an expanded range of Rock Paper Pencil sizes very soon!

I ordered the wrong size. Can I switch my order?

No problem. Please email us at with your order number and we’ll get it sorted for you!

What’s included with Rock Paper Pencil?  

Here’s what to expect in your package:

  • 1 reusable screen protector 
  • 2 precision Apple Pencil tips
  • 1 protective storage sleeve

Is Rock Paper Pencil easy to install?

So easy! Rock Paper Pencil can be installed in just seconds. Simply unscrew your current Apple Pencil tip and replace it with your new ballpoint tip. Then snap your screen protector into place using the integrated magnetic edges. Remove it and reapply as needed! We have a copy of our installation diagram here.

How do I clean the Rock Paper Pencil Screen Protector? 

We recommend cleaning the screen protector using 70% isopropyl alcohol for best results. Remember to let the isopropyl alcohol completely dry before reattaching the screen protector to your iPad! 

Is Rock Paper Pencil compatible with a Smart Keyboard?

Yes — Rock Paper Pencil and the Smart Keyboard can be used together! In fact, Astropad's CEO uses Rock Paper Pencil with his Smart Keyboard every day. The screen protector included with Rock Paper Pencil has a teeny tiny amount of adhesive that prevents the magnets of the Smart Keyboard from pulling it off the iPad screen. But don’t worry, the adhesive won’t leave any residue on your iPad.

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