App Configuration for MDM deployment

Starting with version 5.3.2, Astropad Studio now supports AppConfig for easy deployment using a MDM (mobile device management) solution like Jamf or Apple Business Essentials.

Creating an AppConfig for Studio

To create an AppConfig we recommend you use Jamf's AppConfig Generator tool

  1. Download our Specfile for Astropad Studio that is available here
  2. Upload the Specfile to the AppConfig generator.
  3. Use the online generator to configure the Studio specific settings, following the guidelines below

AppConfig Settings

  • Enable office mode by default - Defaults the app to having office mode on by default, preventing automatic network connections like Bonjour. Useful for enterprise or education deployments where you don't want an automatic connection.
  • Allow P2P Wireless connections - Allows you to turn off P2P wireless connections if you intend to have lots of iPads in the same room. For example like in a classroom.
  • Allowed login domains - If you only want to allow users to create or login to accounts under a specific domain, use this setting.
  • Allowed login providers - If you only want to use certain login providers, for example Google only for a company or university, use this setting.
  • Default user to login / Default user password - Useful for a lab environment where you want all the iPads logged into the same shared account
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