Employer-Provided Devices and Luna Display

If you are planning to use a computer that has been provided by your employer, we would recommend reaching out to your company’s IT Department to confirm that they will allow Luna Display to be used with your device. 

Some employers and companies may have security protocols put in place that can block the connection between your devices. If you’re having trouble connecting your devices via Luna Display, please see below for examples of what could be interfering and what you will want to check with your IT Department. 


VPNs are not officially supported with Luna Display. Since VPNs generally reroute network traffic to different networks and hide your IP address, using a VPN may interfere with Luna's communication. We recommend keeping VPNs disabled while Luna Display is in use. 

You may also be able to overcome connection issues with a VPN by using a cabled connection between your devices. However, this will not work for everyone as the VPN can still block this connection type. 


While the Luna Display installation process should automatically allow the Luna applications past the Firewall, security protocols can block this from being implemented. If you’re unable to connect, we would recommend working with your company’s IT Department to whitelist Luna Display, Apple Bonjour, and Astropad for the firewall. 

Client Isolation and Device Siloing

Client Isolation and Device Siloing are security settings that isolate devices so they are not able to communicate with one another on the network. These features usually can be enabled/disabled through the router settings. 

Company-Specific Security Protocols

Some companies can have other security measures put in place that could block the connection between devices. Each company’s policy is different, so we recommend reaching out to your IT Department to learn more. 

For example, some companies block applications that utilize Screen Recording. Luna Display requires that screen recording be enabled on Mac devices in order to utilize the secondary device as a display. You may not be able to use Luna Display with this security measure in place. 

**Please note: Your information is not shared or stored by Astropad and Luna Display does not record or save the contents of your screen.**

Public WiFi Environments

Public WiFi Environments such as hotels, coffee shops, and universities can have special security protocols put in place that block connections. If you're using Luna Display in a public space, we recommend utilizing a cabled connection between your devices or utilizing the Peer-to-Peer connection method (Peer-to-Peer is a Mac-only feature requiring iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 or later). This will help with any connection issues or interference from other devices. 

For more information on cable connections and Peer-to-Peer, please review our guides:
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Using a Peer-to-Peer Connection

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