Headless Mode — Create Shortcuts to Quit and Relaunch Luna Display

If you need to quit and relaunch Luna Display while in Headless mode, but do not want to attach an external monitor to your primary device, you can do so by creating shortcuts in macOS.

Luna Display is pre-configured to allow the use of the  command + Q shortcut to quit the Luna Display application. However, as macOS does not support the use of shortcuts to launch applications, additional steps are required to configure the Luna primary application to launch using shortcuts via your keyboard.

How to create a shortcut to launch the Luna Display application

Automator is a macOS software that allows you to automate many of the tasks you complete on your computer. To utilize the launch shortcut for Luna Display, you will first need to create a quick action service within Automator, and then import it into the Shortcuts app. 

On your primary Mac device, go to Finder > Applications > Open Automator
Once Automator is open, click on New Document, then choose the  Quick Action document type 
Select No Input from the   Workflow receives current drop-down menu
 On the left-hand side, you'll see an Actions list. Scroll down the list and select  Launch Application. Next, drag the Launch   Application action from the list to the gray area as shown below
The Launch Application window will appear. Next, click on the drop-down menu and select Other, then select  Luna Display from the list
Open the File menu from the menu bar and choose Save, then name the workflow Launch Luna Display 
On your primary Mac device, go to Finder > Applications > Open the Shortcuts application
From there, open the Shortcuts App and then go to  Finder > Users > Select your username > Library > Services > Find the Launch Luna Display workflow shortcut you created in Automator
Go to  Finder > Go > Go to Folder... > Type in /users/enter your username here/library/services and find the Launch Luna Display workflow shortcut you created in Automator
Next, drag the Launch Luna Display workflow from the Services folder to the Shortcuts application

On the Shortcut App screen double-click on the Launch Luna Display shortcut. In the new window, click on the Information icon ⓘ located on the top right of the Shorcut App screen, and make sure Use as Quick Action and Services Menu are checked. Click on Add Keyboard Shortcut and create the shortcut using the following keys: command + 9

You will now be able to hold down the command + 9 keys on your keyboard to utilize the shortcut to launch Luna Display.

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