Darkboard Manual

How to insert your iPad into Darkboard

Before you begin, place your Darkboard on a smooth, hard surface.

1. Align the bottom edge of your iPad in the butterfly cradle.

2. Using both hands, gently press the top corners of your iPad into the cradle to click it into place. Your iPad’s back camera should be aligned with the camera opening in the cradle.

Align the bottom edge of your iPad, then press the top corners into the Darkboard

How to remove your iPad from Darkboard

1. Gently pull the top left edge of the cradle away from the iPad.

2. Press down on the Release Wing lever on the top right corner of the iPad cradle.

3. Gently pull the top of your iPad out of the cradle.

Use the Release Wing Lever on the top right corner to remove your iPad from Darkboard

How to release your Apple Pencil (the stylish way!) from Darkboard

Your Apple Pencil will fit snugly in the cradle on top of your iPad. 

To remove it, press down on the end of your Apple Pencil. The tip of the Pencil will release from the cradle. Happy drawing!

Grab your Apple Pencil with style!

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