Black Screen Issue | Secondary Mac

Proceed with this workaround if your secondary device (Mac only) shows a black screen when using Luna Display. 

Symptoms include: 

  • Luna Logo is not present on screen when the secondary application has been launched
  • You see a completely black screen when the secondary application has been launched
  • You are not able to see or access the Luna Menu Bar from the secondary device
Note that this issue will primarily affect secondary Mac devices that are running macOS Ventura 13 or later, including future betas.

Complete the following steps as a workaround for a black screen on the secondary Mac: 

Quit Luna Secondary application
Open Terminal on the secondary Mac (Open Finder > Applications > Utilities folder > double-click Terminal)
Enter the following prompt into Terminal (you can copy and paste): 

defaults write com.astro-hq.LunaSecondaryMac LNExclusiveFullscreen -bool NO

Open Luna Secondary application, you should now be able to see the Luna Secondary logo and can interact with the Menu Bar
If after trying the above steps, you're still seeing a purely black screen and cannot interact with the application, please contact our Support Team directly for further assistance.
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