Version 5.1.4: App Crashes or Does Not Open

We identified a bug in Luna Display version 5.1.4 which can cause some app preferences corruption for some users, causing the Luna Display app to crash or no longer open. A fix will be released in an upcoming version, but in the meantime, here are steps you can follow as a workaround on your primary computer if this happens to you. 

Luna Display for Mac

Luna Display for PC


1. Quit the Luna Display app and open Finder on your Primary Mac.


2. Navigate to Go, select Go to Folder, and copy and paste the following: ~/Library/Application Support/astropad. Hit return to open the folder.


3. Select the files found in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/astropad, delete them, and empty your trash bin.

4. Try Luna Display again to confirm it worked.


1. Close the Luna Display app on your Windows PC and open File Explorer.

2. Click on the Address Bar and copy and paste %APPDATA%/Astropad and hit enter to open the folder.

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If this workaround did not solve your issue, please let us know, and share your device make and model. 

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