Windows: Display connection might be limited

If you plug in your USB-C Luna hardware unit into your Windows PC and receive a notification similar to the one below, we would recommend checking that your USB-C port is compatible with Luna Display.

Display connection might be limited
Make sure the DisplayPort device you're connecting to is supported by your PC. Select this message for more troubleshooting info.

This notification will appear if your PC detects USB-C hardware using DisplayPort alternate mode is plugged into a port that does not support this mode. Luna does require a port that supports either Thunderbolt or DisplayPort alternate mode, so not all USB-C ports are compatible.

Find out more about USB-C port types. → Learn More

For example, here is a list of some Dell/Alienware computers whose USB-C ports do not support displays.

If Luna is not able to connect when the Luna hardware is plugged into this port, then it is possible that the Luna hardware is not supported in your PC's USB-C port. Please note that the Luna hardware should be plugged into your GPU, so it can leverage the power of your PC's GPU for graphics acceleration. USB-C ports on motherboards will likely not work.

Here is the Windows support article for more information on this USB-C notification.

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