Project Blue Sidebar

The sidebar is your main control center for Project Blue. You can access most settings and functions in this sidebar, as well as customize for your unique workflow. It can be moved to either the left or right side of your iPad’s screen, and can always be revealed or hidden by tapping the Astro-red ring button.

Project Blue main sidebarMain Sidebar

When you first reveal Project Blue’s sidebar, it will open the main sidebar.

1 – Current connection status indicator shows which connection is in use between your devices whether they are connected via USB or Wi-Fi.

2 – Three-lined symbol switches the sidebar position to the opposite side of the screen.


3 – Tap to access the Workspace with Sidebar Shortcuts.


4Pencil & Stroke allows you to adjust the length and color of your preview line, and customize stroke smoothing and pressure settings.

5Magic Gestures allows you to edit and customize Magic Gestures shortcuts.



6 – Move & Zoom mode adjusts your screen selection view.

7 – Connection shows your connection quality as well as input response time.



Project Blue shortcuts sidebarWorkspace Shortcuts Sidebar

From the main menu, tap Workspace to reveal shortcuts for your program in use. You can also edit the shortcuts for programs that don’t have a preset command set.

1 – Go back to Project Blue's main sidebar menu

2 – Shortcut commands


3 – Edit Shortcuts lets you edit and rename your shortcuts for the sidebar, as well as for Finger Tap Magic Gestures.

4 – Move & Zoom mode adjusts your screen selection view.

Quick Keys - shows on-screen modifier keys. These can be dragged to any corner of the screen and stay visible if the sidebar is hidden. 

Keyboard - reveals Project Blue’s on-screen keyboard. This keyboard is also accessible from the on-screen Quick Keys and can be utilized for shortcut commands as well.

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