Installing Project Blue

Installing the Project Blue PC app

Download the Project Blue (Astropad for Windows) file from the downloads page. Once the file has been downloaded, follow the steps in the Project Blue Setup Wizard. Click Next.

Choose the Folder where you want to install Project Blue and click Next. The default folder is usually C:\Program Files\Astropad\Project Blue\

Click Install.

Once Project Blue has finished installing, click Finish.


Installing the Project Blue iPad app

Download the Project Blue iPad app for free from the Apple App Store. The iPad OS must be 9.1 or newer. For a full list of the system requirements for Project Blue → Click here


Unable to install the Project Blue PC app

Your user account does not have administrator privileges

Project Blue requires administrator privileges to install some of the support components necessary for Project Blue to run.

Your PC still has old or outdated versions of Project Blue

Previous versions of the Project Blue PC app were appinstaller files and required installation through the Microsoft Store interface, using App Installer from the Microsoft App Store.

If you have any older or previously-installed versions of Project Blue and are not able to install the app using the Project Blue Setup Wizard, try uninstalling the older versions of the Project Blue PC app first.


Uninstalling the Project Blue PC app

Open Settings > Apps. Under Apps & features, scroll to find Project Blue. Click on Project Blue, then click the Uninstall button.

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