Setting Up Project Blue


What you will need to use Project Blue
Downloading and Installing the Apps
USB and Wireless Connection

What you will need to use Project Blue

  • Windows PC that meets our minimum system requirements
  • iPad Mini 2 (2013+), iPad Pro (2016+), iPad 5th generation (2017+), or iPad Air (2013+) with iPadOS 9.1 or later
  • Apple Pencil
  • Creative software on your Windows PC

For input and drawing, you can use your finger along with Apple Pencil. The PC and iPad can be connected by either USB cable or wirelessly with Wi-Fi.


Downloading and Installing Apps


Download the iPad app

The Project Blue iPad app can be downloaded through the Apple Store, or by going to


Download the PC companion app

After downloading the iPad app, go to the Project Blue page to download and install the free PC companion app.


Open both the iPad and PC apps

Project Blue app iconOpen the Project Blue app on your PC and click Next.

A quick test will check if your PC is fast enough to support a retina display. This setting can be changed later in the Preferences menu.


Project Blue iPad app iconOpen the Project Blue app on your iPad and tap Get Started.

Instructions for setup and connection will appear on screen. When both apps are open and past setup, tap Next.

USB and Wireless Connection

To use Project Blue, your PC and iPad need to be connected by either USB or Wi-Fi connection.

Connect by USB

Using your iPad's corresponding USB cable (30-pin to USB, or Lightning to USB), connect the iPad to your Mac.

Connect by Wi-Fi

Make sure both the PC and iPad are on the same wireless network. If both your PC and iPad are on the same network with a good signal, they should connect automatically.

– Try Manual Wi-Fi Connection if you are unable to connect automatically.

At the connection screen, click "Connect Info" and a new window will be shown with connection options. Click "Wi-Fi Manual Connect" and a QR code should appear on your PC screen for your iPad to scan.

Enable "Camera" on your iPad for Project Blue and scan the QR code. This connection screen will disappear when you are connected.

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