Connection Modes in Luna Display for Windows

At this time, Luna Display for Windows only supports PC-to-iPad mode (extending your PC screen to an iPad). Other connection modes like PC-to-Mac, Mac-to-PC, or PC-to-PC are not available at this time.


Headless mode

Using Luna Display in headless mode allows you to turn your iPad into the primary display for your computer, without the need for a monitor. This feature is not yet available in Luna Display for Windows, however we expect the process and functionality will be similar to headless mode for Luna Display for Mac.


Teleprompter mode

Teleprompter mode in Luna Display flips your iPad image horizontally and vertically, so that when used with a beam splitter, the image is reflected in the correct orientation. Currently, teleprompter mode is only available in Luna Display for Mac. We plan to enable this feature in Luna Display for Windows in a future update.

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