Pen pressure is not enabling for Adobe Illustrator and Catalina

If you downloaded a Wacom driver but Pen Pressure remains greyed out, here are some things to check for if you are using Mac OS Catalina:

  1. After installing the Wacom driver, go to Security & Privacy, and in Accessibility please make sure com.wacom.IOManager is enabled. This can be disabled despite installing the driver and agree to prompt pop-up messages for permissions.

2. Restart your Mac after enabling this permission. Open Illustrator, and there should be a prompt to enable "TabletDriver".

3. After the previous steps, in Security & Privacy you should now have the option to enable Illustrator under Automation.

4. If pressure is still shown as greyed out in Illustrator's brush settings, close Illustrator and then open your Applications folder. From there, go to Wacom tablet folder and open Wacom Desktop Center App. Opening that should prompt an agreement. Once this is enabled, quit the app and open Illustrator again to see if the pressure option is enabled. 

If there still isn't a change, you can also try opening the Wacom Display setting app, then quit it. 

5. Lastly, restart your Mac again. Usually after all these steps, they should enable the changes need to activate pen pressure in Illustrator.

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