How do I use Luna Display in Headless mode?

Headless Mode: Using your iPad as the display for Mac mini

What you will need to get started: 

  • Mac Mini
  • iPad
  • Luna Display and latest versions of the Luna Display apps, available for download at  
  • Reliable local WiFi network connection or USB cable 
  • We recommend connecting an external keyboard to your Mac mini. 

With Luna Display, you can use your iPad as the primary display for your Mac mini. 

To get set up with this configuration, follow these instructions — Keep in mind an external monitor is required for the setup process

  1. While your Mac mini is connected to an external monitor, visit to download the free Luna Mac app.
  2. On your Mac mini's "System Preferences" go to "Users and Groups." Select your preferred account for automatic login. This allows the Luna app to auto start and connect to your iPad. Please make sure FileVault is disabled.*
  3. Visit the iOS App Store to download the free Luna Display iPad app.
  4. Connect your iPad to the same WiFi network as the Mac mini (or if WiFi isn't available, connect your devices over USB cable).
  5. Once both apps are installed, launch the Luna app on your iPad and and follow the instructions on your iPad screen. You will be prompted to plug Luna into your Mac.
  6. Disconnect your Mac mini from your external display.
  7. You're off and running!

*Luna Display requires its Mac application to run. If you use FileVault, you will still need an external monitor to unlock your drive whenever you reboot. With FileVault enabled, it can conflict with automatic login.

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