Why is the Astropad Studio iPad app blinking off and on?

If your iPad app is blinking off and on, this is usually due to a poor Wi-Fi connection. You can confirm that Wi-Fi is the problem by connecting your computer and iPad via a USB cable. 

You may also be experiencing the following:

  • Astropad not connecting initially
  • High latency
  • iPad “blinks”
  • Slow redraw performance
  • iPad app opens and closes

Here are some suggestions to try:

  • Try restarting both computer and iPad
  • Restart your router
  • Move closer to your router, or move the router to improve signal
  • Make sure AirDrop isn't currently in use

What could be the potential cause of failed Wi-Fi connection?

  • Router is on 2.4GHz band (this can conflict with Bluetooth)
  • Being too far from router, which weakens the signal
  • Using Mac as a hotspot
  • Ethernet cord plugged into your computer
  • Use of multiple routers, and/or more than one network
  • Wi-Fi extenders
  • Corporate network security policies
  • Firewalls and security programs
  • Using VPN
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